Some of our cows, going for a road trip

Our goal here at Rare Ruminare is to produce the healthiest and best tasting meat possible.

We do this through practising natural farming. This not only meets full organic standards but goes beyond to truly farm in sync with nature.

All our beef and lamb graze a grass only diet. They are never fed high protein concentrated grain mixes that are fed on most farms to achieve fast weight gain while unbalancing the natural digestion of the animals.

We use a mix of traditional breeds such as Hereford, Shorthorn and Angus and within those breeds we carefully select animals that are suited to this gentle growth and animals that thrive in the farm’s local environment. The result of all this is beautifully marbled meat with a depth of flavour that you will struggle to find elsewhere.

We manage the farm as an entire ecosystem that the farmed animals are just one element of. The soil and soil life is of equal concern as we know healthy biological soil grows mineral-rich, diverse grass pastures. This in turn grows healthy animals that produce nutrient rich, healthy meat.

Clive Bright
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