10kg Rose-Veal Box

What’s in the box?

  • A selection of the typical steaks: striploin, fillet, ribeye, etc.
  • Two or three back-end roasts: roundroast, silverside, topside, etc.
  • A number of fore-end roasts: housekeeper or brisket
  • Veal escalope steaks
  • Rose-veal shin cut for ossobucco
  • Diced rose-veal
  • Minced rose-veal
  • Organ meats and stock bones are available upon request

The whole box is portioned, bagged, clearly labelled and freezer-ready.

Price: €200 (€20 per kg) including local delivery. We courier meat boxes nationwide for an additional €20.

You can find out more about rose-veal and how the animals are raised and prepared here.

How to order?

Please email or phone 087 641 8104 . Due to the limited and seasonal nature of this product, supply is limited.