Our Rose Veal

12 February 2021

Grass and milk-fed rose-veal at Rare Ruminare

The rose or “rosy” name indicates the colour of the meat from our veal calves. It is not the dark red of mature beef, nor the pale grey-white of ethically dubious crate veal produced in the eighties. Our rose-veal calves live an idyllic life on our certified organic pastures, growing fast on the creamy organic whole milk from their pasture-fed mothers, and grazing grass and hay as they grow up.

Veal has had an unfortunate history in the eighties, and for some people, it carries difficult connotations, if you’re curious about the story of our rose veal call and have a chat about it.

We collaborate with our neighbouring organic dairy farms and raise some of their bull calves to their prime stage of efficiency shortly after weaning. Due to their milk focused genetics, most dairy bull calves are very inefficient and require large amounts of grain to grow to finished beef. Rose veal is harvested at about c eight months which is a sweet point in the animal’s life where they grow well on their natural diet.

Rosy veal is beautifully tender and is easier to cook to a luxurious texture than mature beef. The cut sizes are a bit smaller than mature beef. Steaks cook quickly to a tender, sweet flavourful finish while roasts benefit from slow cooking and deliver a silky texture. Veal bones are famous for making rich, smooth stock. Minced veal takes seasonings very well and is traditionally used for Italian meatballs, not to mention other classic veal dishes like Escalope and Ossobucco.