Whole Lamb Box

Our lamb is very seasonal and quite limited. It is usually ready in August or early September. The total weight of meat from a whole lamb can vary from 16kg to 25kg depending on the breed of the lamb.

There are two options for how your lamb can be butchered.

Option One: Standard Chop

With this option you get a full range of cuts and get to explore many different ways to cook and enjoy your lamb.

What’s in the box?

  • Each hind leg in two roasts, top-leg and bottom-leg, totalling four roasts
  • One loin in chops and the other in racks
  • One shoulder in chops and a slow roast
  • The other shoulder together with the belly in mince and stew

Option Two: Family Friendly Chop

I have to confess that since having children this is the way I now butcher my own lamb. The end result is a lot of mince and stewing lamb that we use for slow cooked one-pot dishes, shepherds pies and delicious lamb burgers.

What’s in the box?

  • One hind-leg in two roasts
  • One loin in chops and the other in racks
  • 2-3kg of stewing lamb
  • The remainder in mince

The whole box is portioned, bagged, clearly labelled and freezer-ready.

Price: (€10 per Kg) the total cost is dictated by the weight of the lamb, they are usually 16Kg - 25kg. We will do our best to select a lamb to suit your needs. Price includes local delivery or we can courier nationwide for an additional €20.

How to order?

Please email or phone 087 641 8104 . Due to the limited and seasonal nature of this product, supply is limited.

You can find out more about how our animals live and the lamb is prepared here.